ISD E-Learning Assistance Program

Starting August 2020, AMM is offering an E-Learning Assistance Program for our graduates and their friends who are currently enrolled in local ISD’s elementary program. Most of the area ISDs are starting with virtual learning which can be challenging for both students and their parents.

We have designed a program that will complement the ISD program by providing necessary social, cognitive, and outdoor interaction in a safe facility. This includes:

  • A separate classroom exclusively for our school e-learning program students.
  • Students will have assigned seating that have been placed according to social distancing guidelines.
  • Dedicated teachers assigned for the sole purpose of helping the students with their ISD eLearning. A Teachers goal is to help students log into their appropriate classes, monitor, and help with any issues, understanding of the concepts, or help with completing assignments.
  • Internet/WiFi will be available for students to access their coursework on our campus.
  • We require students to wear face coverings as feasible, especially when social distancing is difficult, including in classrooms. Students will wear face coverings as feasible in hallways, common areas and during arrival and dismissal.
  • Lunches may be brought from home or purchased through us.
  • Students will be provided a morning and afternoon snack. Students enrolled in extended program will also get a late afternoon snack.