Parent Educational Series

Aspiring Minds Montessori is starting this series to educate parents about the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. These informational series will give an overview of Montessori curriculum and will give a glimpse at the materials children use in the classroom. Many of your questions about what happens in the classroom will be answered at these meetings.

Parent Education Series

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“The Components of a Montessori Classroom” – Prepared Environment
During this session we will show you how a Montessori Classroom is prepared to facilitate and maximize a child’s independent learning and exploration. We will talk about the key components of a Prepared Environment and how it gives every child the freedom to fully develop their potential through appropriate materials.

“Math Curriculum for children ages 3 to 6 years”
This session will cover how the child transitions from concrete to abstract work. We will also walk you through the Montessori Math curriculum.

“Montessori at Home”
During this session we show you how you can help your child become more independent and responsible in his/her home environment.

“Language Curriculum for children ages 3 to 6 years”
In this session you will learn the theory and methods used to nurture oral language development, pre-reading, spelling, reading, and writing.

“Difference between traditional day care and Montessori education”
In a traditional classroom setting, a teacher instructs a group of students rather than leading and encouraging them through the learning process. In this session we will cover how a Montessori certified teacher guides each student as he/she masters the concepts or skills necessary to reach and to exceed grade-level standards.

“Montessori for Toddlers”
Young children are naturally drawn to the types of things that allow them to put their sense of order to use. They also have an inner developmental need to gain independence. This session will cover how Montessori material develops Toddlers.

“Montessori Sensorial Education”
Dr. Montessori believed that sensorial experiences begin at birth. Through his senses, the child studies his environment. Through this study, the child then begins to understand his environment. The child, to Montessori, is a “sensorial explorer”. In this session we will cover how sensorial material help prepare children to be a logical, aware, and perceptive person.