Infant Program

One of our primary goals is the development of movement and independence. Our “prepared environment” supports and responds to an infant’s basic needs  for independence, exploration, building trust and self-esteem.

The structure of the curriculum for infants is based on five development areas:

Social and Emotional: At Aspiring Minds Montessori, we are aware infants have the ability to absorb from their surroundings. The daily needs of infants, such as diapering, feeding, and playing are optimal times for interaction. Using these times for social learning experiences encourages full participation from the infant and the caregiver. These times become perfect opportunities for communication and nurturing their emotions.

Physical and Motor Development:  Infants have a sensitive period for movement. In this period of great activity, gross motor skills develop rapidly from three months to three years of age.  By providing the appropriate movement opportunities, and maintaining a safe environment that doesn’t restrict classroom exploration, these motor skills are able to unfold naturally and at the infants’ own pace.

Self-Help Skills:   Infants are considered to be initiators, explorers, and self-learners.  The caregivers are observers, sensitive, and available when direct help is needed.  Caregivers will avoid intruding while the infant solves their own body control difficulties.  Infants are encouraged and allowed to solve problems and to reach their goals independently instead of having this opportunity taken away by a well-meaning adult.

Language Development: Infants best absorb languages from birth through six years of age. At this age the child’s concentration is on learning to speak. The following factors contribute to this phenomenal development:

  • Language spoken by the caregivers
  • Interaction of caregiver with the children
  • Songs they hear
  • Vocabulary of association of objects and their names

Stimulation (Visual, Auditory, and Sensory): This development area is inherently covered by our teachers while working with infants on the other four development needs.

Daily Report:  A report is given to parents daily to inform you of the different activities your child has participated in as well as the daily schedule they followed.  This is a way to keep you involved in the daily development of your child.  A schedule assigned by the parent is initially followed until the infant is ready to incorporate to the schedule of the group.

Program Goals:  To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment based on the Montessori philosophy and principles that guide your infant in the development of language, motor skills, sensory development, and a positive emotional well-being.  This lays a foundation for the joy of learning at an early age.