Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program begins at age 5 and is a philosophical extension of the preschool program with a curriculum consisting of the traditional disciplines.  Our main focus is the child’s development in conjunction with our unique academic program.  We also emphasize on building their positive attitude, emotions and social skills.

Our goal in the Kindergarten program is that children of this age, in addition to receiving a formal and highly academic education, will come to appreciate their own worth and have a high regard for others.

This is a time for great learning and beginning of socialization. Moral values and conscience are being developed. This is a time in which rationality takes place on the part of the Montessori Guide in order to assist the children in their moral, intellectual, and emotional development to place them on the path toward becoming successful members of society.

Kindergarten Program Goal:  To receive a highly academic education, development of self-worth and positive social skills.